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Green beans are great! Unless they’re overcooked and slimy or canned. Don’t go down that road this Thanksgiving. Pair them up with some red cabbage for color and much needed Vitamin C, a bit of dill for that unmistakable uplifting flavor, sliced almonds, season, stir and voila. Green beans to eat by the bowl full! […]

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mushroom soup

This mushroom soup is so good. The flavour is deep and intensely satisfying without being too heavy or filling. To make the soup even lighter use more wine (why not?) and less or no cream, or serve with a vegetable garnish instead of bread. I braised radicchio and served it on the side for a […]

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Are you ready for the truth? The Meatrix gives it to you straight- the truth about factory farming and the meat industry. Much more accessible than a lot of the meat-media out there, The Meatrix is informative, entertaining and kid friendly. Another reminder to be aware of what we’re eating and where it comes from… […]