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chilled avo soup

Mmmm… Those of you that live in Portland might be aware of the gastronomical delight that is Prasad Cafe. If you don’t know, now you know… Make it a must-do on your next trip through the Rose City! Prasad owner Karen Pride shares her recipe for a chilled Jamaican Avocado Soup. Yum! Avocados are a […]

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butternut soup

Making a squash puree or a creamy squash soup is super easy and only takes a few minutes to prepare (after roasting the squash). It’s a very satisfying and comforting dish that can be remade with different spices and complimenting ingredients for lots of variations. This variation is reminiscent of pumpkin pie and is excellent […]

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Miso Soup

I’m rarely the gambling type, but I’d be willing to bet that if you ate a bowl of this soup once a day all winter you wouldn’t get sick with a cold or flu once. The soup is full of superfoods brimming with vitamins, minerals and nutrition dense goodness.

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mushroom soup

This mushroom soup is so good. The flavour is deep and intensely satisfying without being too heavy or filling. To make the soup even lighter use more wine (why not?) and less or no cream, or serve with a vegetable garnish instead of bread. I braised radicchio and served it on the side for a […]