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My junior year in university I enrolled in a course with Erin Manning. That course might have been the most informative class I took during my 4.5 years in the IMCA program and opened my brain to the possibility of actually combining my interests in the body (movement) with my interests in philosophy and new […]


A beautiful online, member supported project to collect and disseminate the works of Chögyam Trungpa. Including a radio program, writing and links from various members of the Shambhala community worldwide and a wealth of resources. http://chronicleproject.com/index.html


My friend Adam in Montreal has just recently published his fantastic book “The Fruithunters”. His obsession with rare fruit has lead him on a global adventure to find the fruits, uncover the lore and research the complex politics and cultural implications of fruit. You can get a taste test of the adventure and order his […]

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Deepening one’s understanding of yoga philosophy (as well as asana) often requires at least a minimum level of familiarity with sanskrit words and symbols. Not all of us have what it takes to learn the Devanāgarī (the divine script), so luckily we have the internet! Health and Yoga has published an online yoga glossary of terms […]