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Michael Stone is a psychotherapist in private practice, lecturer, yoga teacher and author. He co-leads the Centre of Gravity Sangha, a community of Yoga & Buddhist practitioners in Toronto and travels internationally, teaching in academic, yoga studio and conference settings. Michael offers courses and retreats that focus on integrating yoga postures, breathing practices, meditation and […]


My junior year in university I enrolled in a course with Erin Manning. That course might have been the most informative class I took during my 4.5 years in the IMCA program and opened my brain to the possibility of actually combining my interests in the body (movement) with my interests in philosophy and new […]

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Deepening one’s understanding of yoga philosophy (as well as asana) often requires at least a minimum level of familiarity with sanskrit words and symbols. Not all of us have what it takes to learn the Devanāgarī (the divine script), so luckily we have the internet! Health and Yoga has published an online yoga glossary of terms […]