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Dear Readers, I’m so pleased to introduce Kathryn Bruni- Young, Toronto yoga teacher, nutritionist and new columnist for Feed The Yogi. Kathryn has a lovely understanding of yoga (she’s been practicing since age 16!), as well as nutrition. I hope you enjoy her column as much as I have, and Kathryn I hope you keep […]

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This article is a must read please. For people who eat food. Whether you eat animal proteins or not, this article has some essential information on preparing vegetable foods and how to get the most out of what you’re eating.


Sometimes when I see pictures of Michelle Obama I want to cry. I have never, ever had even the slightest glimmering of pride when thinking about this nation’s leaders… Until now. She dug up the white house lawn to plant an organic garden!!!! Yeah!!! This is the kind of leadership we need. This is true […]