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This article is a must read please. For people who eat food. Whether you eat animal proteins or not, this article has some essential information on preparing vegetable foods and how to get the most out of what you’re eating.

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Thanks to my friend Robert for bringing this recent New York Times article to my attention, it was sincerely one of the most entertaining 15-minute reads I’ve had in a while. It seems to me that the point of both yoga and food get lost a lot. The practice of yoga is one that has […]

what are you hungry for

I’ve never met Lynn but I’ve had the privilege to spend a fair amount of time with Mary at the¬†Yoga Workshop¬†where she teaches with her husband Richard Freeman. Mary is truly an inspiring woman to be around and has integrated the principles of yoga into her life seemingly seamlessly. She is a fantastic yoga teacher […]


My friend Adam in Montreal has just recently published his fantastic book “The Fruithunters”. His obsession with rare fruit has lead him on a global adventure to find the fruits, uncover the lore and research the complex politics and cultural implications of fruit. You can get a taste test of the adventure and order his […]

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I find that taking a moment to appreciate my meal before eating always makes the food taste better. Whether you bless your food or give thanks for it, whether you pray to God or Gaia. It’s important to remember that your food got to you somehow, and all the people or circumstances that made your […]