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I have a not-so-secret shortbread obsession. While I don’t see anything particularly wrong with occasional binges on organic, humane, free-range butter… It’s also nice to know that there are alternatives. This month’s ingredient is Butternut Squash and due to my penchant for purees I’ve also been experimenting with squash-based baked goods.

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This vegan chocolate cake is real winner though and easy to make.


That said, there’s something about this particular combination that is quite exquisite. The fig flavour deepens and spreads out into the buttery roasting sauce, which is good enough to want to eat by the spoonful (and you might).


Ok! So I better get going to make good on my promise to do three recipes for IOTM this month. The strawberries are just now beginning to ease up on their production and the raspberries are moving in full force. We have huge rhubarb busting out of it’s bicycle-tire planter and some pretty succulent basil. […]


Mmmmm…. I just finished having dinner with my new friend Laurie Lane (owner of Fresh and Wild Raw Foods) who is a raw chocolateer here in Portland- she was telling me about the best raw chocolate from New York by Fine and Raw and the amazing behind-the-scenes video of their production. Mmmmmm…. Check out each […]