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My junior year in university I enrolled in a course with Erin Manning. That course might have been the most informative class I took during my 4.5 years in the IMCA program and opened my brain to the possibility of actually combining my interests in the body (movement) with my interests in philosophy and new […]

bmac dancer

As a dance and yoga person, I have become somewhat of a connoisieur of movement photographers. It’s not an easy thing to capture the essence, fluidity and prose of the body in motion. I posted earlier about Dan Schmidt in Boulder, who does wonderful work with yoga asana. I’m happy to have found another photographer […]


Ok. This post isn’t about food or yoga… per se. But it could be! In case you don’t already know about the flash mob phenomenon, there are all sorts of “happenings” that are springing up everywhere. Mostly they are funny/ arty/ surreal, sometimes they are political, and sometimes they are for marketing. But here’s what […]


I have had the good fortune of knowing Melissa Michaels since I was just a youngin’! She was (and continues to be) one of my most influential mentors. I have seen her organization Golden Bridge¬†grow into an international force that brings together youth (and elder) leaders from all corners of the globe building community, fostering […]


Can I just take a moment and to tell you how great Jessie and Eugene from Ashtanga Montreal are? They are great- so great! They are the most fun teachers/performers/parents/partners/people to work with/around/near ever. Their energy is fantastic, they are both absolutely wonderful yoga teachers with very different teaching styles and approaches but when they […]