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200-hour yoga teacher training Renee Sills Sarah Trelease

I’m so excited to announce that Sarah Trelease and I will be co-teaching a 200-hour yoga teacher training March-June 2014. The training will take place at the beautiful studios of North Portland Yoga.

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In case you felt bored with your asana practice and were wondering what else there was to do… Check out the Advanced Ashtanga Series… And then take a deep breath and remind yourself that there are always things to aspire towards ; ) Absolutely Ashtanga is a great website and asana resource run by Sacramento […]

what are you hungry for

I’ve never met Lynn but I’ve had the privilege to spend a fair amount of time with Mary at the Yoga Workshop where she teaches with her husband Richard Freeman. Mary is truly an inspiring woman to be around and has integrated the principles of yoga into her life seemingly seamlessly. She is a fantastic yoga teacher […]

Pattahbi Jois

Pattahbi Jois passed away on May 18th this year. He was born July 16, 1915 Take a look at this wonderful article on his life and biography from Alex Medin and the folks at Centered Yoga. http://www.centeredyoga.com/pattabhi-jois.html