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natalie nguyen brewster

Almost three years ago I met the gorgeous and talented Natalie Brewster Nguyen when we both were in Montreal for a two-week training with AcroYoga Montreal. We haven’t really stayed in contact so much other than the occasional check-in on Facebook, but when I was planning my trip from west to east I got in touch […]


Ok, keeping in the Halloween spirit… This is kind of gross. But so cool! Kittiwat Unarrom is the son of a baker and an art student inspired by anatomy books and forensic museums, he uses dough, raisins, cashews and chocolate to create works that are totally edible… and also vegetarian!! Via shape + colour   […]


Chef, Hacker, Anarchist, Mark Powell presented foodhacking at Dorkbot this year with his liquid nitrogen ice-cream making presentation. Combine open-source programming, molecular gastronomy and anarchist ethics and there’s certainly some food for thought. “Chefs are a lot like hardware hackers. Both geek out, absorbing the specs of (vegetables|technology) for the purpose of creating something that […]

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Just in time for Halloween from the creator of foodhacking.com comes Delicious Corpse- a project based on the surrealist writing game ‘Exquisite Corpse’. Delicious Corpse uses key words like ingredients, meal types, and preparation techniques to randomly generate menus and accompanying shopping lists for up to 7 courses! http://www.deliciouscorpse.com/