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I will get back to some posts on the nervous system… But for now… Michelle flew in to San Jose today and we’ve ended up in Santa Cruz with some of her friends for the night. These folks are living the dream! Great house, great kiddo Tuna the cat Tiny guesthouse Obviously… After arriving at […]


Ahimsa, (non harm-doing) is the first of the yamas, or the ethical rules of yogic practice. Ahimsa is the foundation upon which the rest of the yamas and niyamas are positioned, as well as being the underlying “goal” of practice in general. To do no harm is practically impossible as every action creates affect or […]

coffee beans

I love coffee so much. I love how it smells and how it tastes and all the different ways to prepare it… Sad for me that drinking it gives me horrible stomach aches, so I avoid it (mostly), while enjoying the smell wherever and whenever I can. At the end of this post you’ll find […]

homegrown podcast

“locavore the oxford american dictionary’s word of the year for 2007:from the latin “locus” meaning place and “vorare” meaning swallow or devour
sustain to maintain, keep in existence, keep going, prolong, confirm


This coming Thursday, December 10th is Terra Madre Day (Mother Earth Day). Mark it on your calenders and find out what’s going on near you OR what you might do to celebrate this beautiful day!


The world’s indigenous tribal people have much to teach us civilized folk about how to live.


For those of you out there who are currently involved or who are interested in becoming involved with worthwhile charitable foundations, please take a look at the World Food Programme. The WFP aids in emergencies to bring food to victims of war, civil conflict and natural disasters as well as in the aftermath of emergencies […]

Guerrilla Gardeners

Guerrilla Gardeners are the superheros I’ve been waiting for, and a total superhero kind of club that I can join (for once).

junk burger

If you’re not already saturated with commercial food industry stats, or still bleary-eyed from Food Inc. or if you still haven’t read The Omnivore’s Dilemma here’s a great, informative and to-the-point article from Time Magazine: The High Price Of Cheap Food


The Waterpod is a project conceived and founded by artist, photographer Mary Mattingly. The 3,000-square-foot commercial barge turned intentional community has been floating around New York City (currently docked at Staten Island) since June. The Waterpod was envisioned as a self-sustaining living space that might be recreated in the future to address issues of land […]