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Hibiscus tea recipe

I was out running under a perfect deep blue autumn sky this morning and I thought, “I want to drink this in… The texture of the air is sweet, warming and has a bit of a bite, the colors of the leaves against the sky are perfectly saturated and reflecting light, running feels easy with […]


I will get back to some posts on the nervous system… But for now… Michelle flew in to San Jose today and we’ve ended up in Santa Cruz with some of her friends for the night. These folks are living the dream! Great house, great kiddo Tuna the cat Tiny guesthouse Obviously… After arriving at […]

Rumi quote

What an epic day yesterday! I cleaned out a storage unit full of stuff of my mom’s that hadn’t been looked at for 12 years. Going through so many boxes of documents and papers, little scraps of things she had saved, journals, diaries, address books, letters, receipts… I thought about the boxes and files and […]


Yoga happening started happening in Toronto, and is now happening in Vancouver, New York City and Portland, OR. Yogahappening creates yoga events in public spaces: in the park, at a gallery, in the mountains, by the sea, the forest, the lake. Yogahappening asks you to pause in your yoga routine and consider the spontaneity of […]

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Free Rice is an online game that helps you brush up on your vocabulary. For every word you guess correctly the World Food Programme donates 10 grains of rice to a country in need. It might not sound like a lot, but the game is quite addictive. An hour spent here instead of facebook and […]


Sunday was the first full day of spring. Spring is a time of birth and renewal. In order for things to be born or renewed, other things need to change, die or give way. I’ve spent the last few days in Berkeley learning from a living master of movement and somatic studies, Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen. […]

heart chakra

Happy Valentines Day! Regardless of the plethora of possible associations you might have to this particular holiday, it’s never a bad excuse to explore the essence of the day… The heart. In western society yoga and meditation have started to receive recognition from the medical community as to their value for cardiovascular health and aiding […]


Pangea Organics founder Joshua Onysko is not only a groundbreaking entrepreneur who’s organic, sustainable body products line is changing the way many companies are thinking about the future of business, he’s also a chef who knows how to cook on a budget. After starting a Facebook challenge to cook meals for one week that were […]


This coming Thursday, December 10th is Terra Madre Day (Mother Earth Day). Mark it on your calenders and find out what’s going on near you OR what you might do to celebrate this beautiful day!

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toilet garden

Planning and growing a summer garden is something to do and plan that’s fun, money-saving, and wholesomely delicious.

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holding hands

Tis the gift to be simple, ’tis the gift to be free,
‘Tis the gift to come down where we ought to be

grocery cart

My guess is, that unless you’re shopping at a fun-filled farmer’s market, your grocery list probably doesn’t elicit cries of “Whoopee, it’s time for food shopping!” Unless, that is, you’re part of Improv Everywhere…


The world’s indigenous tribal people have much to teach us civilized folk about how to live.

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Autumn Leaves Header

Two days ago we crossed over the Equinox and into Autumn officially. Here’s an excerpt from the Fall newsletter in case you haven’t read it yet ; ) September is the transitional month between summer and fall. We can still enjoy warm days but the evenings are getting cooler, the days are shorter and it’s time to go […]

Guerrilla Gardeners

Guerrilla Gardeners are the superheros I’ve been waiting for, and a total superhero kind of club that I can join (for once).

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Sunny's Cucumber Pickles

It’s that time of the year when things are starting to go crazy in the plant world. The harvest is coming in. Depending on where you are in the world it might be tomato time, a fruit fiasco, cucumbers galore, all of the above and more. “Putting up” or preserving food by pickling, canning, jarring […]


The Waterpod is a project conceived and founded by artist, photographer Mary Mattingly. The 3,000-square-foot commercial barge turned intentional community has been floating around New York City (currently docked at Staten Island) since June. The Waterpod was envisioned as a self-sustaining living space that might be recreated in the future to address issues of land […]

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where the wild things are

Ok, I know this post isn’t food or yoga… But it’s Where The Wild Things Are!!! Which is now a movie!!! Opening in October! This is very exciting for me. Growing up as an only child who moved around a lot (and was too shy to make many new friends,) the story of mischief-making Max […]

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Thanks to Alex M. who keeps me updated with rad music videos on a regular basis! Sugarcubes Eat The Menu features an overwhelming abundance of food choices, the accompanying anxiety and some uh-mazing 80’s hats and shoes. Wicked!!

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greta concentrate

Need another diversion from your desk job? Or maybe you’re practicing your knowledge of yoga asana names and benefits? Check out Gaiam’s new online yoga flashcard game. You won’t win because the flash site is actually just way too slow to turn all the cards over, but you might learn something new. Besides, yoga isn’t […]