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Jim Campbell Photography

It’s been a long while since my last post on this blog. I’ve been back “home” in Boulder, CO enjoying the sun and snow and ooooooh… the yoga! It’s always the best feeling to go back to my favorite studio, The Yoga Workshop, which has just changed its schedule to include less led classes and two long, luxurious Mysore-style practices most days as well as more workshops and progression classes. If you’ll be traveling through Colorado anytime soon, I do recommend a visit!

While I was back I had the good fortune to discover yet another in my growing list of excellent yoga-photographers. I love it when a photograph can actually recontextualize my understanding of a posture and shift my perspective in a new way. Boulder photographer Jim Campbell works with a gorgeous aesthetic that evokes a movement’s sensuality and explores playful and quirky approaches to his subjects.

Jim happens to share studio space with my friend Daniel Schmidt the physicist-photagrayogi who has also been hard at work expanding his collection of large-format palladium prints.

So the next time you travel through the Rocky Mountains, after you’ve been warmed at the Yoga Workshop, had your cup of Bhakti Chai and soaked up some high-altitude sun, be sure to pay these two a visit and maybe even pose for a photo session or two.

Check out Jim’s website Omlight Photography.

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