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A Simple Solstice Meditation

Find a comfortable and quiet place to sit for a while. Either sit with your eyes closed or let your gaze be still and unfocused towards the ground in front of you. Sit for a few moments just listening to your breath and trying to make the inhales deep and fill the ribs and back, lengthening the exhales. If thoughts come into your mind try to let them go, just say to yourself “thinking”, and without attaching any judgement or idea to the thought come back to the sound of your breath.

Feel the breath coming in and out through the nostrils. When you breath in feel yourself expanding to fullness and when you breath out feel yourself becoming empty. Enjoy the sensations of each.

Find an object of gratitude, something that makes you feel grateful. It can be a person or loved one, a memory you cherish, an activity you enjoy. It doesn’t matter what it is. Think of this and feel the physical sensation of gratitude, let it expand into your whole body.
Slowly begin to let go of the object of your gratitude and just maintain the physical feeling, the residue or essence.
If you have any aches and pains send this feeling there. If you carry critical judgements of yourself or others, extend the feeling of gratitude there.
See if you can imagine the physical sense of gratitude taking on a color or texture, perhaps a kind of light. Imagine this quality being in your body and heart and then practice extending it outwards. First to the air around your body, then to your friends and loved ones, then to people that you don’t know, then to relationships who are challenging in your life. Imagine this lights filling all beings and coming back to surround you. Breath in let yourself receive, breath out to strengthen your visualization of gratitude.

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