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Restorative Partner Pose (with a twist)
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Feeling tired? Grab your friend and take 10 minutes out of the day for this recharge pose. It’s not often that we sit back-to-back with someone. Just that by itself is deeply relaxing, (it’s definitely more relaxing if it’s someone that you know and trust,)  add in a gentle twist and restorative backbend and let yourself be totally supported by another’s presence. If you’ve never tried a partner pose before this one is a good place to start. It’s safe, easy and it feels great to be in.

Sit back to back with your partner in crossed legged positions. Spend at least a minute like this breathing deeply and connecting to the sensation of your partner at your back. Try to let yourself relax completely into their presence, letting your shoulders release, your neck lengthen and the skin of your face and jaw soften.

When you are ready reach out your left hand and bring your fingertips to the floor, reach your right arm up and over to your left. Breath into your right ribs and enjoy the side-bend for a few breaths.

Then reach all the way to the right and begin to arch back bringing your right arm up and back and releasing your back onto your partner’s right thigh. Relax both of your arms and enjoy the sensation of your friend’s body supporting yours. Feel free to make any necessary adjustments.

Spend as long as you like in the stretch and when you are ready, come out the way you came in by reaching your right arm back and then over to the left, side-bending. Use your left hand to press yourself back into a seated position. Spend a few breaths sitting back to back and then repeat on the other side.

Demonstrated by Alexandra Becker-Black and me (Renee)

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