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Homegrown Local Podcasts

Tressa Yellig, the super-rad brains behind the Community Supported Kitchen (CSK), Salt Fire and Time here in Portland is going to be interviewed mid-month by Homegrown Local Podcasts. I just found out about these guys, well, guy and gal, from California who have started this great resource for locavores, foodies and podcasts lovers.

Excerpt from their site:

locavore the oxford american dictionary’s word of the year for 2007:from the latin “locus” meaning place and “vorare” meaning swallow or devour

sustain to maintain, keep in existence, keep going, prolong, confirm

we think, believe, attempt, celebrate and explore making conscious choices when buying food, products and services.
we know giving out business to the local hardware store over a giant conglomerate big box store means supporting our neighbors and our community.
we know that growing our own food (when possible) and buying food and goods directly from the farmer (and butcher, baker and candlestick maker) means food that is fresh, pesticide free, not genetically modified, has intense flavor and has traveled a relatively short distance giving the bonus of helping to lessen our carbon footprint. and, again, we are supporting our neighbors and our community.
we believe in sharing any information we can to help other people make conscious choices.”

That sounds good to me. Check out their site for podcast archives, great links, a bibliography and even a movie. Grow your own!

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