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Planning for Urban Gardens
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With winter on the way it’s a good time to start thinking about gardening, you have 3-6 months to plan a summer garden and gather up all the tools you might need to build it. Planning and growing a summer garden is something to do and plan that’s fun, money-saving, and wholesomely delicious.

What’s that you say? You live in a concrete jungle, your only green space is mold growing on last week’s left-overs..? Be not dissuaded my friends! Of course it’s great if you have an abundance of backyard and open space to grow your goods, but urban gardens are not only fun and creative, they can also contribute to a number of social, economic and environmental benefits. Socially, planting and growing your city garden will not only expand your social network to include local farmers and seed distributers, but once you start growing your edibles you’ll probably be so excited that meals shared with friends and neighbors (who will undoubtably be inspired to grow their own as well) will become the norm. If you have kids, you can count on their increased enthusiasm for eating food that they helped grow, and eating produce that is grown locally and organically, not to mention with great enthusiasm, is much healthier for your body and brain than eating imported or chemically sprayed products.

toilet garden

Urban landscapes offer many possibilities for garden construction, container gardens can be set up on rooftops, balconies, vacant lots and stairwells and there are lots of resources out there to get you started. Even if you live in a tiny apartment with no easy access to the outside, you can still have a window sill garden, get space in a community garden, or team up with a friend who has some outdoor space to share. In some ways restricted space might even be more fun because of the creative solutions that you will have to come up with.

tea tin garden

Do you have ideas or resources to add for aspiring city gardeners? Post them in comments or email them to me. I’ll be keeping up with this train of thought and maybe even designing a challenge or two for you!

melbourne city garden

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