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A fresh take on green beans
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Green beans are great! Unless they’re overcooked and slimy or canned. Don’t go down that road this Thanksgiving. Pair them up with some red cabbage for color and much needed Vitamin C, a bit of dill for that unmistakable uplifting flavor, sliced almonds, season, stir and voila. Green beans to eat by the bowl full! mmmmmm…..

Serves 8

-1 pound of fresh green beans, washed, remove any dry stems or tips and cut on a slant into 1-inch pieces
-1/2 medium head of red cabbage, sliced in 1/4 inch ribbons
-2/3 cup fresh dill, chopped
-2-3 shallots, finely sliced
– 1 cup blanched almond slivers or slices
– 2 tablespoons olive oil
– 1 lemon
– sea salt, black pepper

Preheat oven to 350F. Spread out almonds on a baking sheet and place on the middle rack. Allow the almonds to bake for a few minutes and stir once. Remove them from the oven when they become a light golden brown color. 5-7 minutes.

In a large pot boil 6 cups of water with a pinch of salt. Once the water boils add the green beans and stir for about 1-minute or until the beans are tender and bright green. Drain the beans once they have cooked to your liking (keep them fresh and brightly colored, try not to overcook them) and run cold water over them to stop the cooking. Set aside.

Heat a large sauté pan on medium high, add oil, add shallots and stir, allow to cook for about 1 minute. Add red cabbage and stir well so that all the pieces are coated in oil. Add a pinch of salt and continue to stir and sauté for 4-5 minutes until the cabbage becomes somewhat soft but is still vibrant in color.

In a large mixing bowl combine green beans, almonds, cabbage, dill and the juice of one lemon. Mix thoroughly. Season with salt and pepper. Serve warm or cold.

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