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A world apart

Lately I have been so enmeshed in life. It’s not always like this. Sometimes I feel much more objective, as if I’m watching my life play out on a screen in front of me, I am able to also remember and keep an awareness of the billions of other people also having their lives, the billions of other perspectives.


Perhaps it’s the woes of the western world that are consuming my objective attention now. The escalating global crises that is not just about economy, nor just about climate, or war, or health-care, homelessness,  famine, flood, drought, tsunami, the list goes on and does not seem to stop. Despite my attempts to live in balance, to practice meditation and mindfulness, to be objective and calm and remember “perspective”… Despite all this, I’m feeling quite stressed out by the state of things these days. How about you?


Over here in the “civilized world” we’re grasping blindly at short-term solutions and despairing out loud about what to do. Is there any way to go back, to reverse, to make things better? It’s amazing to me to remember that a good portion of the world is not as out of balance as we are here with all of our advancements. Living here in urban North America, surrounded by the accoutrements of modern necessity I forget most of the time that not everyone lives like this. The stress that I feel over urban situations and the industrialized job markets are not stresses that everyone on earth is feeling (though they have their own and most are intricately intertwined.)

tribe-afghan solstice

Desperation and feelings of cluelessness aside, it’s amazing to consider that there are still tribal people here on Earth. Living close to the land, living in harmony. Many of these people’s lands, homes and livelihoods are at risk due to the imbalances of modernity and industrialized society. These people have been living for ages without creating destruction of their lands, desecration of their animals, women or children.

tribe- girls

In fact, if modern governments and corporations were to leave them alone and their land wasn’t subjected to the environmental degradation that is caused by said governments and industry, chances are these people would go on living simply, healthfully and happily for ages to come. What can we learn from them?


*All pictures are from Survival International

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