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F is for Food Fantastically Full of Figs
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(okay… but maybe that title is a bit too much.) And for any of you who might be getting a bit tired of all this fig business, (who are you anyway?) This is the last post about figs. I just feel the need to really drive this point home. Figs are so good for you! And they taste amazing. No wonder they’re the food of the gods. Fantastic figs!

Besides bring richer in calcium than cow’s milk, figs contain a significant amount of protein, lots of dietary fiber, high vitamin E and vitamins B2 and B6!

Do you wonder what all those things mean and what they’re good for?

One serving of figs (8 ounces, or about 2-3 fresh figs) contain:

15% RDA of Potassium which helps control high blood pressure
30%RDA Dietary fiber which contributes to lower cholesterol levels and helps in weight loss. In a recent study women who ate more fruit fiber had a 34% decrease in risk of breast cancer.
8% RDA of Calcium promotes bone density and helps absorption of
10% magnesium which decreases symptoms like hypertension and aids in prevention against diabetes and
14% manganese which helps the body assimilate key nutrients, maintains optimal thyroid function and helps maintain blood sugar levels.

Antidiabetic properties have been found in liquid extract from fig leaves, and in one study diabetics who consumed the extract were shown to require decreased amounts of insulin from injection. Fig leaves have also been shown to lower levels of triglycerides (a form in which fats circulate in the bloodstream) and have been shown to be effective in inhibiting certain types of cancer cells.



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