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Happy Autumn!
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Autumn Leaves HeaderTwo days ago we crossed over the Equinox and into Autumn officially. Here’s an excerpt from the Fall newsletter in case you haven’t read it yet ; )

September is the transitional month between summer and fall. We can still enjoy warm days but the evenings are getting cooler, the days are shorter and it’s time to go back to school. The equinox is on September 22 of this year. As we move into autumn it’s good to take the time to reflect on the qualities of the season.

Autumn is the harvest and a time to gather-together that which we will need to sustain ourselves through the winter. We gather fuel, food and warmer clothing. There’s a natural tendency to become more focused towards studies, work and home life. In nature and in our bodies, autumn is the time of letting go, pulling inwards and preparing to be still.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine autumn is the season associated with the element of metal, the color white and lung/ large intestine meridian. The lungs transport oxygen from the atmosphere to the bloodstream and release carbon dioxide from the bloodstream to the atmosphere. The large intestine is the last part of the alimentary canal and it’s function is to absorb water from the remaining indigestible food matter and then pass useless waste material from the body. The lungs and large intestine are both organs of elimination, allowing the body to let go of waste and toxicity. In TCM the metal element is associated with the emotion of grief and the ability to let go (of grief and the cause of grief).

Autumn is the transitional time between summer; the season of abundance, extroversion, and fullness, to winter; the season of simplicity, inwardness and silence. In this season it’s a good time to reflect on what you have gained and experienced in the previous, warmer seasons and to assess what you would like to work on in the coming period of introversion. Autumn is the time to stock up and come back to the basics. Make sure that you are eating a healthy and nourishing diet that will keep you warm and give you energy to focus mentally. It is important through the colder months to exercise and keep the body moving and breathing deeply. Moving mindfulness practices like yoga and martial arts are great forms of exercise and encourage inward reflection and awareness as well as strength and flexibility.

Try not to be sad about the changing of the seasons. Though we may long for endless warmth (or at least I do), it’s important to appreciate and harmonize with the energy of each season and to take advantage of the qualities each one offers.

Happy autumn!

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