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Life Aboard the Waterpod


The Waterpod is a project conceived and founded by artist, photographer Mary Mattingly. The 3,000-square-foot commercial barge turned intentional community has been floating around New York City (currently docked at Staten Island) since June. The Waterpod was envisioned as a self-sustaining living space that might be recreated in the future to address issues of land and resource scarcity. Its systems run on solar power, it has deck-top gardens to grow its own veggies, houses hens for eggs, collects rainwater to recycle and has a dry-composting toilet.

The pod was originally intended as more of an artist’s residence, or a residence for people to stay in while making art… Turns out that self-sufficiency is a lot of work, “There’s a never-ending list of things to do: It’s a ship. It’s a farm. It’s an art residence. It’s an installation,” says Mattingly who along with Alison Ward is one of the only two permanent residents of the Waterpod, (both gave up their apartments in June to move in) but there is a constantly rotating crew of artists, gardeners, handy-people, explorers and activists who come and go for briefer stays.

The Waterpod quotes a passage from Ulysses as its manifesto, an epic has surely begun.



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