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Karma Kitchen


What a great idea! In March 2007 Viral and Pavi Mehta had the brilliance (and graciousness) to open the Karma Kitchen which is based on a “Pay-It-Forward” ¬†philosophy of gifting to strangers (or new friends that you just haven’t met yet). So imagine… you walk into this lovely little restaurant that feels more like home than a business and you eat a delicious meal that has been made from fresh ingredients by volunteers who LOVE the service that they are performing and when you are full and content you get a note that says, “The food is offered on a pay-it-forward basis. Your meal is paid for by someone before you and you pay forward for those after you.” Really puts a whole new spin on the idea of a food chain… Start a karmic kitchen in your town!

Read¬†Piero’s story and get all teary eyed.

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