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Art of Yoga
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Founded by nurse practitioner and yoga instructor Mary Lynn Fitton, The Art of Yoga Project began in 2002 as a pilot program and became an independent, nonprofit organization in 2005, with sites in California and Oregon.

In Fitton’s clinical practice, she treated many adolescent girls with anxiety, depression, eating disorders and unhealthy habits, such as drug abuse, self-mutilation, and unsafe sex. Determined to find solutions, Fitton created The Art of Yoga Project to help at-risk girls prepare for a positive future. The focus of the Project is on early intervention with girls in most need–those in the juvenile justice system.

The Art of Yoga Project’s Yoga and Creative Arts Curriculum for at-risk teen women offers a multi-dimensional approach to build the self-awareness, self-esteem and self-respect necessary for young women to make healthy lifestyle choices. When offered to teenaged girls referred from the juvenile justice system, goals are geared to producing pro-social behavior, empathy, positive relationships, self-control and accountability to self, others and community. (Excerpt from Site)

“I usually see things black and white. Do you know what I mean? Good or bad. Yes or no. But after I do yoga I feel like a new person and I look at things in new ways. My mind opens up. I see there is more than just yes or no, more than one choice, more than one path. I like this idea because so far the path I’ve chosen hasn’t been great. I’m ready for a new one.”
– AOYP Participant

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