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FTY On The Road
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Isn’t it strange how you can leave somewhere for months and it doesn’t feel like you’ve been gone for long, but then if you MOVE somewhere you can be gone for a week and it feels like forever… Well, after five years of stably residing in, and then almost a year and a half of intermittently staying in MontrĂ©al (and traveling away for 3-6 weeks every other month or so), I did finally “move” away to Portland, Oregon in May. I have been loving it here beaucoup mais je manques MontrĂ©al aussi. So, I am very excited to be going back to visit for three weeks! I’ll be there to do some training with Acro Yoga Montreal and to teach some classes at Moksha Yoga Montreal and to see some friends and enjoy the humidity… ; ) I’ll also be keeping up with FTY and posting recipes and interviewing the fabulous folks over at Santropol Roulant, so stay tuned!

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