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Improv Everywhere and Flash Gatherings


Ok. This post isn’t about food or yoga… per se. But it could be! In case you don’t already know about the flash mob phenomenon, there are all sorts of “happenings” that are springing up everywhere. Mostly they are funny/ arty/ surreal, sometimes they are political, and sometimes they are for marketing. But here’s what most of them have in common, they are fun! And not only are they fun, they are free, and also fairly easy to organize. And… (this is where FTY comes in) they could also be about food and yoga.

Imagine this: You are taking a nice stroll through the park one day, there are lots of people out and it’s the middle of summer. You look around and notice how many people are carrying grocery bags. “That’s odd”, you think to yourself, “there must be lots of picnics.” Suddenly all the people around you (there are many) all open up their grocery bags and pull out all different kinds of food and then start giving it away, all the while singing “Rub-a-dub-dub! Thanks for the grub! YAYYYYY GOD!!” “How weird.” You think to yourself, “These people are nuts.” Just then a man walks by and gives you a packet of peanuts.

The next day you wake up early to get a bagel before work. As you are getting on your bicycle and heading to the café something in the corner of your eye catches your attention. Look just over there on the street corner there’s a few people doing sun salutations. You scratch your head, “This has been a strange week.” As you continue towards the café you notice that on every corner there are two or three people, all facing east, saluting the sun. Now your reaction of ‘weirdness’, turn to one of happiness. “How lovely it is to see all these people moving together. What a peaceful start to my day”

Oh… I know. My ideas are cheesy and hippy-ish. So make your own!! Let me know what you’re up to and I’ll post on FTY. People can participate all over the world, make a facebook event, start an email invite campaign for world hopscotch day. Whatever. Make it fun, make it free, and make some smiles ; ) Here’s some inspiration:

Improv Everywhere: MP3 Experiment

Improv Everywhere: Frozen Grand Central

Spontaneous Dance Combustion on Facebook is in Montreal. SDC also occurs elsewhere, though I am not sure how linked the ideas are… Whatever! Make you own spontaneous dance party- share the joy!

The beauty of all these projects is how accessible they are. You can organize them anytime, anywhere, for fun, activism etc. Now get out there!

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