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Kindness For All Seasons

In the spirit of springtime, new beginnings, out with the old in with the new… I thought I would post a bit about yogic philosophy. The great sage and author of the Yoga Sutras, Patanjali outlined an eight-fold path to quiet the mind and achieve Yoga (union). The eight limbs begin with Yama and Niyama (abstentions and observances). The first Yama is Ahimsa or non-harm doing. Thinking of non-violence there are many ways that we can strive for this… Not being rude, not starting fights, not eating meat, not judging etc. But however hard we try to do no harm, it is the simple fact of our existence that every action we undertake will affect other beings, often in harmful ways. So what does one do when every action has consequence and even inaction is often hurtful or destructive? 

There is a rather well known book called the Bhagavad Gita that is a rather well known story about a warrior prince named Arjuna who was also trying to sort out this particular moral quandary… 

But I digress. Rather than inaction or careless action or action that is taken when one has resigned to the fact that harm will be done… One can choose to create positive action. Not that this is new news, folks have been following the path of positivity forever; Jesus, Gandhi, Mother Theresa, M.L.K., Nelson Mandela, and many more big names you probably know… But also the unknowns, the girl that smiles at you on the bus, the old man that offers his wisdom, your friend who chooses to listen… We all have the choice every day and in every instant to create happiness in ourselves and those around us and in some way to “offer” our actions to a greater good. Whether you call that greater good “God”, “Love”, “Krishna”, or “Peace”, it’s our choice to make actions that serve something greater and to support our own happiness with those choices. After all, a big part of non-harm doing is the counter side, which is actively creating peace and well being.

It’s amazing how many people are now initiating such positive action and using the internet to disseminate these “happiness projects”. There are some great ideas out there and it can be good fun to take one idea per day and make it your goal to spread a smile ; )

Check them out:



Thanks to Brenda Feuerstein, co-author and creator of Green Yoga, who keeps me updated on facebook about all these cool projects!

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