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Food Party!
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Oh Gosh. This may be my new favorite internet distraction. Thanks to Catherine for posting this gem so I could find out about it! Food Party is everything I ever wanted from my Fine Arts degree (ahem) and…  “a mind-bending, non-reality cooking show with Thu Tran as your hostess, a cast of unruly puppets as culinary aides, and a cavalcade of fictitious celebrities as surprise dinner guests. Shot on location in a technicolor cardboard kitchen as well as other foreign and exotic cardboard locations, each episode will or will not instruct you on how to prepare wild gourmet multi-course meals with ingredients you probably have on hand in your kitchen already, such as pretzel rods, eggs, narwhal lungs, bizarre plot twists, secret ingredients, and pizza. After all, you never know who might show up for dinner.”

food party teaser


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