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Golden Bridge


I have had the good fortune of knowing Melissa Michaels since I was just a youngin’! She was (and continues to be) one of my most influential mentors. I have seen her organization Golden Bridge grow into an international force that brings together youth (and elder) leaders from all corners of the globe building community, fostering positive action, social awareness and creative expression. She is tireless in her mission to spread love and inspire transformation through movement and ritual. Yay Melissa!

Melissa leads summer programs for youth and adults, weekly classes and regular workshops. She is continually accepting applications for her summer dance programs and now travels regularly to teach so she just might be coming to your corner of the globe sometime soon.

“…a growing community of our world’s leading rites of passage specialists, positive youth and elder development specialists, and social change movement leaders who are gathering together to revitalize the role rites of passage have in the healing and transformation of our lives, our societies, and the planet Earth.

Born from a “call to adventure” heard simultaneously by youth and elders around the world, this collaborative international project is dedicated to the safe passage of humanity and our precious Earth as we navigate our way through the narrow passageway of change we face in the twenty-first century.”**excerpt from website, the “Global Passageways project”

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  1. kydkydkyd says:

    Wow, looks like she is running a great program. Maybe some web friends, should help her to soop up her website a bit! 😉

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