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Teaching in Tucson/ Splinters Bros & Sis/ Natalie Nguyen Brewster

Almost three years ago I met the gorgeous and talented Natalie Brewster Nguyen when we both were in Montreal for a two-week training with AcroYoga Montreal. We haven’t really stayed in contact so much other than the occasional check-in on Facebook, but when I was planning my trip from west to east I got in touch with her to see about the possibility of teaching in Tucson where she lives.

natalie nguyen brewster
Natalie and one of her gals

Natalie is a performance artist, writer, actor, acroyogi, mother, musician and member of Flight School Acrobatics.  She is an independent artist and writer for film, visual theater, and print as well as creative visionary and genius behind many projects which you can check on her website. And if that’s not enough she also runs a a creative space out of her home in the artist’s warehouse Splinter Bros and Sis, where she generously hosted a class for me.

The folks that came were so lovely and enthusiastic! I hope to make it back to Tucson soon. Maybe in the winter next time though.

Front entrance into Natalie’s house. Necessary water for jumping in.

Some photos from inside the space- altars and such.


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