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Chillin’ in Tucson

Michelle and I left LA yesterday to drive to Tucson. Neither of us had ever done the drive before. We took highway 8 through some awesome landscape… Desert, desert, rocks, more desert, more rocks. Gorgeous!

Guys… It was 111 degrees yesterday when we stopped for gas at the Date capital of the world. 111. What???

Dateland USA 111˚F on 6/1/12

We arrived in Tucson around 7pm, just in time for an amazing Arizona sunset, and proceeded to Michelle’s friend’s house on a hill outside of town.

This house is crazy. Her friends are out of town. We get to stay here by ourselves for two days and recover from the last week of travel, sleeping in living rooms and generally having way too much to do and too far to drive.

We get to stay here!

I had good intentions of getting out in Tucson and seeing the sights, maybe checking out the Saguaro National Park… but it looks like staying inside with the A/C is really all that’s on the menu for today.


I was born in the Southwest but I’ve been living in cold and wet northern climates for the last decade and I no longer understand why or how folks can live in climates like these. Since we arrived I’ve been acutely aware of how many resources we’re using just to be comfortable- not just the A/C, but my relationship to water is very different right now then it is at home in Portland. 5 minutes in a cold shower to cool down means a lot more when the water has to get here from Colorado!


I’ll be teaching tomorrow at Splinters Bros and Sis Warehouse– which is this awesome art collective here. Then we continue on our journey Monday morning towards New Mexico and Colorado!

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