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Back on track- to the beginning!

For all my good intentions to start this trip by writing every day, it has not happened. But the first week is over and I have been in school from 8-6 every day, battling software conundrums and my own fatigue. But now I have some space to attend to this project again. Yay for that!

For the last week I’ve been in Berkeley studying the nervous system through the School of Body-Mind Centering. This will be my third year taking courses through BMC, which is a system focused on the experiential understanding of the body and cellular awareness through movement and touch. After three years I have maybe a bit more of an idea of what BMC does, but so many more questions. Let’s just say for now that:

1.)  BMC as a method of inquiry makes sense to me. The techniques work for me. My understanding of the body and its function has been tremendously deepened through these methods.

2.)  BMC trusts the individual in their knowledge and knowing of their own body and its needs and experience. There is no one or right answer to most questions. What is true is that human beings all share the experiences of being conceived, embryonic and fetal development, birth, and life until now. But the variances within those experiences are huge and those variances are what makes each of us unique.

3.)  Hypothetically, we can expand our understanding of consciousness by inquiring of consciousness… where did we come from? What are we made of? And what is the wisdom of the matter or the space within the cells of our bodies? And potentially, we can find these answers by simply listening to the matter that we are created from- as it is the same matter that the rest of our planets and other beings are made from.

If you want to know more, you should read this. Or take a class with a BMC teacher or practitioner, or get one of the founder’s DVD’s or books, or take a classes with me! But know that every teacher and practitioner will teach differently. That’s part of the nature of the work. To each, their own experience!

My teacher Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, the founder of Body-Mind Centering

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