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Day 3- Enter the nervous system
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Update on the videos: Nothing.


A buncha neurons hanging out


This could become a really good running joke. No, but really. For sure. They’re coming soon. I have Tuesday off and I plan to spend the entire day figuring out how to compress the now… 5 hours of video that I have for the site. Which should only take like, 30 hours to export… So you know, someday.

California has been good so far. I’m in school 8 hours a day and the sessions are long. It’s hard to explain what I’m studying to people unfamiliar with somatic work… But basically I study anatomy from the point of view of the system. Example: this module is on the nervous system, so in class we learn about the basic structure of the nervous system from our nervous system (the brain) but then we actually try and feel or embody the nervous system and let it have its own initiation for movement, its own patterns of movement, its own desires etc. It can be very obtuse or ephemeral at times, but its also amazing and deeply transformative as a practice, and as a healing modality.

Maybe your brain looks like this?

Today we focused on sensory/motor nerves and their currents. Imagine that your body is a map and on this map are millions, hundreds of millions, billions probably- two-lane highways. One lane goes from the periphery or distal ends of your body, like fingers, toes and limbs into the center (spine and brain) and the other lane goes from the center to the periphery. The highway running along the spine ascends (tail to head) from the lanes that have come from the periphery and descends (head to tail) into the lanes traveling out to the periphery. So now that you have that image… try and feel it. Yup. That’s what we do for 8 hours. We learn about anatomy (more complex than the highway analogy I just made) and then we spend a while doing various exercises trying to feel or find those pathways in our bodies.

This guy’s nervous system

Coming up soon… (heehee!) a short video on yoga poses for the nervous system!

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