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Day 1- PDX to Ashland. Day 2 Ashland to Oakland


I’m still trying to sort out how all the technology elements- video, blog, writing etc needs to get scheduled and sorted, and also I am currently (just for a few hours) without internet… Oh, My, Gosh.

So these first few posts are just going to be a few days are late!

I left Portland yesterday a bit later than planned, but well timed to accomodate a poignant “goodbye/ see you soon”. I got on the road at about 2 and arrived in Ashland for 7:30pm.

Few things first… I’ve spent the last few months in the process of buying a car. I haven’t owned a car in over ten years, and in the last ten years I have become that person who obsessively researches any and all large expenses. Hours and hours reading consumer reports and trying to decide what kind of car to get. Add on top of that my slight guilt about owning a car (I’ve spent the last 10 years biking!!), which leads to the determination to own a ‘green-as-I-can-get’ vehicle for under $8,000… Well, it took me a while. But eventually I found Stan. Stanley is a silver blue Honda Civic Hybrid that only had a little over 60,000 miles and was in really good condition and within my budget. He introduced himself on our second day together while I was stopped at light and thinking, “What do you want your name to be little car?” (side note: I have had three cars in my life. Two of them had names and I loved them and they were both good to me. One of them went nameless and was a very challenging relationship for me, and probably for the car too. So I think that naming cars is important in establishing a healthy rapport.) Anyway… I’m sitting at the light and then in the back of my head I hear this kind of low, growly voice say, “Stan.” “Stan,” I said, “Really?” and then I hear, “Stanley.” “Well, ok…” I thought. “Give it a few days. See if it sticks.” And stick it did. My car’s name is Stan… Or Stanley, if you’re feeling proper.

Stanley the hybrid
Stan and my bike, ready to go.

So Stan and I leave Portland a bit later than expected and get on the road for an easy and beautiful drive to Ashland.

SeQuential Fueling Station Eugene
Why yes this is a Eugene gas station…

I booked a room through AirBnb in the historic district of the town in the lovely of home of Cindy. Just in case any of you are traveling through Ashland soon, Cindy is a gracious and accommodating host and her house is amazing. The room I stayed in was a glass covered sleeping porch that overlooks her vegetable garden and sweet backyard.

Cindy's House
The front side of Cindy’s house
Back of Cindy's House
The back of Cindy’s house
Cindy's porch
What a nice place to lay down your head for the night!

The house is also just a few blocks away from Ashland Yoga Center where I took a class on Saturday morning with Mona Therese. Mona is from Denmark and has a really soothing, wonderfully melodic accent that made the class feel super gentle and sweet. Just around the corner from the yoga studio is Noble Coffee Roasting and of course, the awesome Ashland Food Co-op.

After filming some video for Dance Haiku and the free videos (Oh geez, this is embarrassing, but they’re still not ready. Compression problems… Anyone have advice- Compressor 4 or Quicktime 7?), Stan and I get back on track to head for California.

Goodbye for a while Oregon!
mount shasta
Mt. Shasta winking up from behind the highway

my head shasta

About 5 hours later we get near to the bay area and at a gas station stop I decide to test out this new free iPhone app called Waze. Have you guys heard about this? Waze is a social media navigation app in which users can submit traffic updates, police and traffic reports and you can use it like a GPS nav to get directions wherever you’re going. For me it was from Vacaville to my classmate’s house in Oakland. It was the first time I’d done the drive, and since I haven’t really driven that much in the past 10 years, never mind driven in large cities, I was pretty nervous about it. I turned on Waze’s voice command option and within the first 10 minutes it warned me of two cops/speedtraps and one accident. The only complaint I have is that the voice command doesn’t say the names of the streets, it just says things like “turn right”. This resulted in two fairly complicated re-directs when I misunderstood which right Waze wanted me to go. But all in all, very useful!

So I got into Oakland just fine. I start a week of classes on the nervous system tomorrow. Updates (and videos, fingers crossed) to come!




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