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Yoga. Happening.

Yoga happening started happening in Toronto, and is now happening in Vancouver, New York City and Portland, OR.

Yogahappening creates yoga events in public spaces: in the park, at a gallery, in the mountains, by the sea, the forest, the lake. Yogahappening asks you to pause in your yoga routine and consider the spontaneity of practice somewhere other than where you’re used to, without knowing what style, what teacher, what format your experience will be. Yogahappenings might include an apr├ęs-yoga moment for connection like a picnic or a bikeride, or perhaps there will be a live musician to play for your practice or a storyteller to guide you into savasana dreams.

Yogahappenings are an invitation for experienced practitioners and beginners alike to come to their practice with fresh eyes and an open mind to whatever happens to be on the yogahappening menu that day. Participants find out 24 hours in advance of an event, where and when, but the teacher and style remain a mystery until the event. So a dedicated Ashtangi might discover the joy of Yin while someone else who thought yoga was easy and boring might find that Vinyasa is just the challenge they’ve been looking for.

Yogahappenings are the chance you’ve been waiting for to talk to the person on the mat next to you and encourage positive, loving and fun interactions that strengthen the yoga community as well as the larger community.

To find out more about yogahappening you can visit their site and blog, and sign up for updates and announcements via Facebook, Twitter or RSS from the Portland, Toronto, Vancouver and New York.

See you there!

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