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Image by Chad Haselden

I do believe that the yoga community is a force to be reckoned with. No matter what the school, the slant, the particular angle of the particular studio, whether the focus is on a mystical connection or a firm body, it seems that yogis worldwide are coming together in great numbers to work towards happiness and liberation for all beings.

In all forms the yoga community is reaching out. In the aftermath of Haiti’s recent earthquake, yoga studios all over the globe have been offering benefit classes and percentages of sales to aid in Haiti’s relief funds. Here in Portland I have taught 4 classes so far (with one more to come) that have raised an average of $100 per class. Small fries for sure in the grand scheme of things, but every little bit helps.

Yoga practice isn’t just for those who can afford it, those who have the rights clothes or access to studios, dvds or books. As most of us know, the practice of yoga is beneficial for everyone! Obviously every body has different needs and will benefit from different approaches or aspects to the practice and these needs will evolve and change with the individuals.

There are many complaints about yoga becoming ‘watered down’ as it becomes more and more accessible to all. Though I definitely feel fairly nauseated when I hear about competitive approaches like making yoga an Olympic Sport, on the other hand I think that maybe this will draw in people, particularly young people, who might not have been interested otherwise.

And as more and more people are coming to the practice of yoga, there are more and more people who are feeling good in their bodies, heart and minds and are ready and willing to work together for positive action. Yoga in its simplest translation means ‘union’, there’s no denying the unifying force of this practice, no matter how it looks!

I have been researching a number of charitable yoga foundations who are working to offer the tools of yoga asana and meditation to those who need it most. In the next few weeks I’ll be posting on many of them and I’ll also be interviewing a few of these yogActivists for FTY News. So if you are someone or know of a person or project that should be interviewed or featured, let me know!

Namas té

xox- Renee

Image by Chad Haselden

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