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Relief For Haiti

The World Food Program is sending out all available resources to bring nourishment to the people of Haiti after the devastation of a massive 7.0 earthquake on January 12th.

Haiti is a place that is described as “hell on earth on a good day”. In the last decade this island has endured a political coup, mass social instability and a rash of kidnappings and murders as well numerous natural disasters including several storms in 2008 that destroyed over 70% of Haiti’s agriculture and most of its roads, bridges and infrastructure, creating severe malnutrition and hunger throughout the island.

Haiti is one of the world’s most impoverished countries with 80% of the population living below poverty line. According to the WFP Haiti’s hunger index was already “alarming” before the earthquake.

A list of organizations accepting donations is here.

I have been so impressed by the yoga community here in Portland and elsewhere coming together to raise funds to assist our human family in Haiti. I’ll be teaching 4 classes in the next 2 weeks here in Portland to raise money for Mercy Corps Haitian Relief Fund. If you know of classes or other benefits going on in your area I’d be happy to post them here on the blog and on FTY Facebook.

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