Feed The Yogi
Nourish your body, mind, spirit, practice and friends

Feed the Yogi is a blog about the things that feed a yoga practice: poses, meditations and visualizations, knowledge, service, awe of nature, beautiful food, beautiful moments, kindness, humor, reckoning, creative expression, socially engaged responsibility, realizing impermanence and not taking it too seriously, and relating with as much awareness as we can muster.

Yoga is a resolution. We practice yoga to come back to the root, the essence of our nature, and to resolve  misperceptions so that we can see clearly. What we take into our bodies and through our senses and perception, ideally, will help us to realize our connection with the world and nature around us. As part of a fantastic and intricate organism, what we consume on every level directly affects not only our own bodies and beings but the bodies and beings around us- be they plant, animal, mineral or human. Practicing yoga and consuming with awareness benefits all life and makes our bodies, hearts and minds stronger, more flexible, intuitive and connected.

The intention of Feed The Yogi is to provide information and inspiration to those who are on the path of practice whether that is on or off a yoga mat. Feed The Yogi aspires to serve and help create community and network for people and projects working creatively for positive and sustainable practices in all walks of life.

This blog is created by Renee Sills who teaches anatomy and yoga classes and workshops in Portland, OR and would love to come and teach wherever you are too! Renee is also an artist, writer, dancer and dreamer. To learn more about Renee, to collaborate, or to see her teaching schedule please go here.

If you have comments, questions or suggestions for Feed The Yogi or want to link up please contact.